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Thoughts About 18 Hours Out

These are Houston fans.  They lost today to Texas State.  That's right, Texas State. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
These are Houston fans. They lost today to Texas State. That's right, Texas State. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
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I've spent nearly the entire day doing basically two things: watching college football and trying to come up with something worthwhile to write about on this blog. Oh, and I napped a bit this afternoon.

The CFB today was basically everything I expected it to be. Some games were exciting, some weren't. There were a few blowouts and at least one upset. Nothing jumped out at me, though, as something I just had to write about, either for our game tomorrow or the ones from today. I feel like I've covered our game from just about every angle I can think of. I've give a prediction and my reasoning for it. We've talked about how SMU can win and what Baylor has to do to keep that from happening. To my knowledge, nothing has happened since Kaeron Johnson went down that will really change anything tomorrow. The depth chart probably looks the same. Our starters have been practicing as such for several weeks. Both teams know what they have to do. There's really just not that much to talk about.

But, as always, I have a few thoughts, mostly about the other Big XII schools.

  • I don't know if I'm just noticing this more than ever before or its actually a new phenomenon, but college football's so-called "expert" writers have got to slow things down. Starting with Le'Veon Bell this morning, I've heard no fewer than a dozen players called "Heisman Favorites" on twitter. Seriously. Bell, Matt Barkley, Braxton Miller, Geno Smith, T.J. Yeldon ... the list goes on and on. Several writers actually called more than one guy the "favorite." That's not even possible! I know we live in a world now where everybody wants to hype everything immediately and we expect satisfaction right now, but this is taking things too far. It's one game. Can you not even wait until the next supposedly great player gets a chance before you freak out?
  • On that same tone, if you believed the twitter experts today, OU might as well cancel the rest of the season, Alabama already won the national championship, and Penn State should probably just shut down the entire school. Maybe the last one isn't that bad of an idea. Oklahoma State and West Virginia are going to break every offensive record in history, Matt Barkley is the greatest college quarterback of all time since the last greatest college quarterback of all time, and Braxton Miller both sucks and is unbelievably awesome simultaneously. Sometimes I wonder if twitter, something I use constantly, is the worst thing ever to happen to sports journalism.
  • Speaking of Oklahoma State, Mike Gundy should be ashamed of himself for running up the score like he did. They won 84-0. This wasn't NCAA '13, it was a real game. 84 points. They scored their last TD with 80 seconds left because apparently 77 points wasn't enough. I'm a big believer that it isn't my responsibility to stop myself where you can't ... to a point. If you willfully join a fight and the other guy is unconscious on the ground, you don't keep hitting him just because you can. Savannah State is possibly the worst football team ever to play against a D1 program. Gundy knew going into this game he could name his score and never worry about the outcome. Every single player on his roster would probably start for the other side. His team gets better experience when it practices against itself. He still went out and humiliated Savannah State for no other reason than that he could. Someone on twitter asked me if his players should "quit" when they're constantly told not to. Of course not. It's not "quitting" to recognize obvious inferiority and stop yourself from mutilating the corpses of your enemies. It's control.
  • I could not give less of a crap about Penn State's healing season. I don't like what the NCAA did because of the precedent it sets for their punishment procedures, but as far as punishments go for the University, it's not enough. I don't think they should have been on TV today or any time in the near future. Probably not a popular opinion, but it's where I am. The fact that ESPN tried to paint PSU as a sympathetic character is disgusting.
  • Shortening things up a bit: OU has serious problems, especially on their offensive line. Conversely, despite what I said above, WVU looked really, really good on offense. Probably the best offensive team I actually watched today. And they still gave up 34 points to Marshall. That's going to be an issue for them.
  • UT won by 20 in a game that was probably closer than the score. Wyoming had the ball late in the game inside the UT 10 down by 14. Only a turnover kept them from making it a one-possession game. Turnovers were Wyoming's undoing throughout as two early interceptions gave UT easy short fields. My point is that I didn't see anything in that game that would make me believe the Longhorns are worthy of their lofty ranking. Much the opposite, actually.
  • Before they scored 35 points in the fourth quarter (really, Snyder?), Kansas State "only" led Missouri State 16-9. They gave up 418 yards of offense at home. The score makes that game look a lot better than it was for the Wildcats.
  • 'Bama throttling Michigan was extremely impressive. Less so for me than others because I think Michigan was wildly overrated, but still very impressive. On the other side of that coin, I could not have been less impressed with Florida. Calling their offense pathetic is generous. There is no good reason they should be that bad, not with the talent they pull every single year. A&M honestly might beat them next week in College Station. I'm serious. I only saw about a quarter of the Clemson-Auburn game, but Clemson looked decent. Looked like a typical SEC-style game.
  • Seriously, OU. You're tied 7-7 with UTEP as I'm writing this and they just pinned you inside your 5 yard line. Good Lord.
  • I honestly don't have anything new to say about the game tomorrow. The lines have moved down into the single digits, which signals a lot of money jumping on SMU and the points. Like I said last night with respect to the DMN writers, I think this is happening because people don't realize how much talent Robert Griffin III and Kendall Wright left behind. One of the guys on ESPN last night said that Baylor lost 98-99% of its offense when RGIII left. Besides being laughably moronic, I think that represents the majority belief about our team. People expect us to fall back because that's where we've lived. It's preordained that we will suck again. As if that's how this works. It's not. Our best days are before us, and it starts tomorrow.