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Baylor vs. SHSU Highlights

Finally! What's up with that, SicEmSports Productions? (I'm kidding, I love you guys. Seriously, it's probably not healthy. Ours is a classic unrequited love. One day...) Because I have an inordinate amount of time on my hands, apparently, I've created a list ranking the TDs in this game.

1. Pass to Terrance Williams Part Deux (around 2:10). My favorite because it reminded me of Kendall Wright. Probably the single best throw in the game.
2. SEASTRUNK. (around 3:24). Don't look at me that way. You shouldn't be surprised.
3. Darius Jones (around 3:34). Total HAM play and the nail in the coffin. Loved it.
4. Glasco Martin TD run (around 2:42). Glasco doin' what he do. Beastin'.
5. Pass to Terrance Williams (around 1:09). Great throw with a better catch.
6. Pass to Jordan Najvar (around 1:46). Perfect play call. One of the few times we fooled them completely.