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Daily Bears Report 09.13.2012


Here's to hoping that Saturday doesn't replicate the SFA game last year, at least weather-wise!

As well you all know, Baylor Football is looking to defeat SHSU this Saturday, to preserve both the winning streak and the home-wins streak. is optimistic about the game, though if the Bear defense can't shut down the SHSU running game, this could get interesting. A victory this week would be nice before the Bears go to Louisiana to take on the surprising University of Louisiana-Monroe next Friday night. Of course, Baylor does have a "secret weapon:" Coach Kaz Kazadi. David Ubben has a selection of primers, predictions, and what-to-watch-fors for the Big 12. He is also of the opinion that the average college sports fan underestimates both SHSU and Baylor.

Baylor Basketball got their first commitment for 2013 from forward Johnathon Motley (North Shore, TX). Motley, an AAU teammate of the highly-recruited Harrison twins, is a 6-8 power forward with blocking talent and athleticism.

Baylor University just keeps getting bigger, which might explain why it's impossible for me to find parking spaces anywhere. This year's freshmen class is the largest in Baylor's history, for the second year in a row. That whole "Year of the Bear" thing isn't just good for geting athletes to attend, it's good for getting everyone to attend.

The Hardball Times has an interesting piece on Baylor Baseball alum David Murphy, who is killing it for the Texas Rangers right now. I can't think of anything to say right here that wouldn't turn this into a post about the Rangers, so I'm just going to link this video of Baylor in Minecraft and hope you enjoy it.