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Daily Bears Report 09.11.2012


Well, it's that awkward lull where the sports that aren't football are on break until the weekend, and the real football previews haven't started coming out yet.

The Dallas Morning News college sports blog warns about SHSU being good in the FCS and the fact that they beat New Mexico (yes, New Mexico. 1-11 New Mexico) in overtime last year, which apparently means they're dangerous. The best comparison for the Lobos I can think of right now is the Astros. A minor league team could, on a good day, beat the Astros. Somehow, I'm not shaking in my shoes.

Baylor Women's Golf is currently in fourth at the Colonel Bill Wollenberg’s Ptarmigan Ram Classic at Ptarmigan Country Club, after Emma Carberry shot personal bests through both the second round and the 36 hole total. The Lady Bears are just two stokes back of third place and five strokes off second place. The final round starts at 9:30 AM today, with updates throughout the day available at @BaylorWGolf.

Wondering how various Baylor alums are doing in the NFL? Wonder no longer, as the DMN college sports blog has a round up of all professionals related to Baylor, including a mention of the new trend, "Griffining." Now, I haven't griffined, and nor do I plan to, but it's something to keep an eye on. Especially if people are going to griffin in the middle of the sidewalk. That might lead to problems. If you're wondering about how various Baylor alums are doing in the MLB, well, that's a post for a different day.

And since I was remarking upon the Astros and their similarity this year to the recent New Mexico Lobos, here's Jon Bois' This Week in Gifs, over on the SB Nation main site. On the other side of that link is an amusing .gif of an Astro, with links to more amusing gifs of Astros, plus amusing .gifs not of Astros. Unfortunately, voting has already closed, but I'll be sure to link it when it gets posted, next week.

On a serious note, this being 9-11, I extend my best wishes and prayers to any and all who were affected by that horrific day, as well as all members of the armed services and their family members.