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Thursday Morning Video: Art Briles on Stonum, Florence, and more...

Oh, and the guy interviewing him for ESPN? Why that's Joe "Friday Night Excitement" Tessitore, who is apparently moving to Saturdays for the Worldwide Leader. I can't embed this one because of crazy things like "copyrights" and "intellectual property," but I can link! Watch it, know it, love it.

Back to Tessitore for a second-- Matt Millen was the best partner you could give him, ESPN? What's that about? Millen is a trainwreck waiting to happen in live games. I feel awful for Joey Joe Joe.

If that video from ESPN doesn't tickle your fancy, I'll throw the latest from Baylor Athletic's Youtube account below the jump. It has John Morris interviewing Baylor OC Phillip Montgomery. At over 5 minutes, it's quite a bit longer than past videos, so either take it in parts or schedule a time to check that one out.

Also, another reminder this morning to watch out for the 2012-2013 Big 12 basketball schedules! I may not get Baylor's up immediately, but I'll try. Or try to try.