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Yet another Baylor season preview and a little site news.

Stop what you're doing, guys.  Did you know ODB is recruiting, too? Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE
Stop what you're doing, guys. Did you know ODB is recruiting, too? Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE

Good evening, Baylor fans! I have another Baylor season preview for your perusal from a new blog on the Baylor landscape run by soon-to-be Bears Colby Conner (CONNER, WITH AN E) and Ace Feltman (honestly, I don't know for sure that Ace is going to be a Bear, but I was assuming so because Colby is and they're close friends. Friends make their friends become Bears.) called the "Day to Day Sports Blog."

Turns out Ace isn't going to be a Bear. I feel sad for him now.

I've been trying for the past few days to convince Colby, who will be a member of Baylor's Class of 2016 -- can you believe that? Seriously, we're already bringing in the class of 2016.-- to write for ODB and give current students another voice. We have been lucky enough already to have Kate Morrison, a proud current member of The Golden Wave Marching Band, on board, and I am always interested in bringing in as many passionate Baylor fans as humanly possible to contribute to ODB community. As part of that effort, I have also reached out to a few Baylor fans from other places about possibly contributing here, and as soon as I have more information to share about those people, I will.

The fact is that ODB's first full football season as SBNation's only Baylor blog is almost upon us. We're only 25 days out from the season opener against SMU, and it is still my goal to make this the absolute best free site for Baylor fans to congregate on the web. To that end, I will be posting an FAQ of sorts in the next few days to introduce new Bears to the SBNation blog format and showing them (and you) how you can get involved with building the community. I also plan to ramp up the content posted here daily in preparation for the new season.

As always, if you or someone you know is interested in contributing to OurDailyBears in just about any capacity, shoot me an email at so we can talk about it. I am particularly interested at this point in bringing in people with a passion for football and basketball recruiting, but I am also on the lookout for someone to take over the spot filled this past season by Tim Watkins as the lead basketball contributor, since I know so very little about the sport in general. No previous blogging or journalistic experience is necessary, passion makes you a good fan, not your educational/vocational background.