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Wednesday Morning Video/Poll: RB Battle at Fall Camp

The official blog of Baylor Football, "This is Bear Country" has a new entry detailing what is probably the biggest positional question in Fall Camp this year: who will start at running back? Though Ganaway's eventual success was a bit of a surprise, the fact that he would probably get the most carries in 2011 wasn't, as far as I recall, and the year before that we had Jay Finley, so Baylor observers are getting the first true competition at the position in the last couple of years. In that battle, veterans Jarred Salubi (the presumptive favorite) and Glasco Martin face off against high-profile transfer Lache Seastrunk, with each player offering a unique style. Glasco is the bruiser, Seastrunk the speed merchant, and Salubi the jack of most trades, master of none. It will be extremely interesting to see how this plays out over the next three weeks leading up to the SMU game.

The post linked above also has a few quotes about each player from Briles and Montgomery that are worth reading. This is my favorite:

"Glasco is a very aggressive, powerful runner," Montgomery said, "who hits the hole like he's mad at something."

I like hearing that. Let's get this day started right!