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T-48 hours until RGIII's NFL Debut (it's an RGIII update!)


Be here on ODB on Thursday night at 6 PM for Robert Griffin III's NFL debut against the Buffalo Bills. The game thread will go up at 5:30 CST.

That announcement is really just an excuse for me to do a short, RGIII-centric update since we haven't talked about Baylor's brightest athletic star in quite a while. Because 1) this isn't a Redskins blog, and 2) I hate the Redskins, we'll keep this short and sweet about Mr. Griffin alone. Like the title says, his NFL debut is coming up in about 48 hours against the Buffalo Bills. I don't know yet what kind of TV coverage will be available for the game, but I've heard the game will be featured on ESPN's preseason coverage.

CBSSports quotes Redskins owner Daniel Snyder as asking for patience with Washington's rookie sensation due to the massive roster turnover this offseason and changes to the Redskins offensive scheme. Snyder also says that Redskins management is "thrilled" with their decision to trade up for Griffin.

ESPN's John Clayton was at Redskins camp last week and came away impressed with RGIII's development in Washington's offense, suggesting that they may take a page from Baylor's playbook (which doesn't exist, it's a figure of speech) and exploit RG3's arm strength and accuracy to stretch the field. Baylor fans know how that worked out this past season when RGIII torched some of the most ballyhooed secondaries in the country.

For his part, RGIII's motto for the upcoming season appears to be "Seize the Moment," a phrase he has written on his shoes in practice. His recent quotes about Thursday's preseason game and his camp experiences in general show a mature, confident player who is ready for the challenges ahead of him. Gregg Rosenthal predicts, and I completely agree, that we should not expect to see him run much in the preseason considering the games don't count and there would be no point to opening himself up to possible injury. Rosenthal also posted a video about how well Robert has been doing in practice that is worth watching if you don't pay much attention to Redskins preseason coverage. Why would you, anyway?

Finally, here is another video about RGIII's preparation for Thursday night's game against the Bills from the Boston Herald.