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A little recruiting news on a Sunday evening

If you've watched my twitter account the last few minutes, you've seen me ranting just a bit about 247Sports adding Brian Perroni, formerly of Rivals, to their staff. This acquisition marks another step in what seems like a hostile takeover of the entire Rivals network by 247Sports, which was started by, you guessed it, former Rivals guys. Jerry Meyer was the last really big fish to head for new waters from Rivals before Perroni, and now Perroni will join him on 247's staff to handle Texas and the midlands area, just like he was doing before for Yahoo!.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't think it's a secret that I favor BearsTruth among the Baylor sites-- I like both Brian Ethridge and Ashley Hodge and genuinely believe they have provided the best product for the money-- though I patronize all and try to funnel traffic to each. (Baylor needs multiple strong recruiting sites. As wrong as it may seem, it actually helps in terms of recruiting and how outsiders view the schools. Yes, I'm serious.) In the past, however, I have seen what I perceived as an anti-Baylor bias from Perroni, who was once a writer for A&M's Rivals site and clearly still favors A&M over all else. I strongly disagree with his perception of current Baylor QB recruit Chris Johnson (let's just say he's been pretty negative about CJ in the past), and the two of us have butted heads on twitter in the past about his "pimping" of Aggie recruits. To date, 247Sports has probably been the most positive recruiting site about Baylor's commits from the last few years. I hope Perroni's influence doesn't cause that to change.

Anyway, all that said, one of Perroni's first tweets in his new capacity mentioned a potential Baylor recruit:

If it isn't obvious from the fact that he mentioned two favorites and listed two schools, Baylor is one of the favorites and will definitely get an official visit. Unlike the other schools recruiting him, the 3* Louisiana WR says Baylor is doing so as an "athlete," which is probably recruiting code for "We're full at WR, but we'll take you without a promise of position." Knowing Briles as we do, I'm willing to bet he ends the 6-1, 190 pound Lewis ends up on offense. Seems like a fine size for a safety, though...

Hit the jump for a few more thoughts.

Staying true to the sandwich format of good news, bad news, good news, LB Dac Shaw, believed to be at one point on the verge of committing to Baylor, chose TCU this morning.

Crud. But the good news is that, if his recent tweets are any indication, Shawn McKinney will be a Bear if/when Baylor extends the JUCO OL an offer. Yesterday he tweeted:

And then...

So all that looks good. Let's hope he can bring a few teammates with him!

That's all I've got for now, but stay tuned for the next few minutes as I catch up from being gone this weekend.