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Daily Bears Report 08.30.2012

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I couldn't resist.
I couldn't resist.

We're so close to Sunday that I can almost smell the grills, and feel the sun broiling off the turf!

More and more predictions and pre-game analysis of this Sunday's game is coming out in the media. Baylor is favored to win by almost everyone, except Douglas Pils of the Houston Chronicle, who thinks that not only will Baylor lose the opener to SMU, but the most that the Bears can possibly muster is a 5-7 season (3-5 in conference. Somehow, Baylor only plays 8 games.) USA Today has "Ten Steps Down to the Field," number 5 of which is about Nick Florence and Baylor. 2012 is the beginning of change for all the universities in Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle. David Ubben has his Week 1 predictions, and will both have an in-depth video about his Baylor prediction later today and will be at the game on Sunday.

For those of you on campus, Baylor Athletics Chalk Talk will be back this year! At 12:30 the Thursday before each home game, players and coaches will be in the SUB Den to answer questions about the upcoming game and the season.

The "Topping Out" ceremony for the Jim and Nell Hawkins Indoor Tennis center was celebrated yesterday, with the Hawkins, President Starr, and various student-athletes in attendance. This state-of-the-art center will allow Baylor Tennis to practice year round, as well as hopefully allowing Baylor to compete to host NCAA events in the future.

Baylor Cross Country hosts their first meet on Friday, the traditionally hot Bear Twilight Invitational. Their next meet is UTA's season opener September 9th in Arlington.

Finally, SBNation College Football has a GIF preview of the Big 12 that...doesn't really make any sense. Well, other than the West Virginia bit. That makes total sense.