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2012 Baylor Football Starts TODAY! (and a few afternoon notes)

Sorry about the problems SBNation has been having the last few minutes, I'm not quite sure what all that was about. Put all negative thoughts about your lost time (or increased production, however it works for you) behind you. Today is the start of Baylor Football's 2012 practices!

In case you don't follow me on twitter, though, (and you really should), I've been retweeting throughout the afternoon every bit of information I can find about the practices, which actually began about thirty five minutes ago. It's a balmy 104 degrees in Waco right now according to the internet (and when has it led me astray?), so I hope they're planning to take the festivities indoors for at least a portion. Heat stroke is probably not a great way to kick off the most important year in Baylor's football history.

Here's a few other twitter accounts worth following if you're looking for more information about the start to Baylor's football practices. Also, below the jump I've put a few miscellaneous notes that may be of interest.

Baylor Football
Baylor Athletics
Brian Ethridge (Baylor 247 Sports)

I'll update the list as I see more.


Someone asked me about Kiante Griffin the other day. Good news! He's supposed to be on campus this weekend and will enroll soon. I bet he redshirts.

I talked a little bit about Andrew Billings, the DT from Waco University, recently. He cut his list:

Also... our friends over at Baylor Rivals caught up with JUCO DT Abens Cajuste.

That's good news.

There was something else I can't remember. When I do, I'll post it.