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Daily Bears Report 08.28.2012

"Yes, I wear this turtleneck in the summer in Texas."
"Yes, I wear this turtleneck in the summer in Texas."

One (work) week until kickoff! Oh, how time has flown.

Baylor is fine with Nick Florence, the Houston Chronicle explains, and part of this is because he selflessly gave up his redshirt last season. Despite being fine with Florence, the LA Times thinks that there's no way Baylor succeeds this year, or at least succeeds to the level of last year. Art Briles isn't thinking about old rivalries, says a blurb from the Dallas Morning News. He's a better person than I, then. The Austin American Statesman says that this week's Big 12 highlight is the game on Sunday, thought mostly because the UT game won't be on TV here.

Dallas' SBNation site has a bit more optimism than some of the main-stream media, and though 6 of the scheduled games are against top opponents, their ceiling for Baylor is 7-5, and a third bowl game. They do address the common storyline for this year, which is "How is Nick Florence going to replace RG3?" followed by "Is there a defense?"

Yesterday, Baylor Athletics came together to work for "Feed My Starving Children," and prepared and packaged 100,000 meals to send to underprivileged children in the third world through the FMSC outreach group.

Predictably, students aren't happy about the cost of parking going up. I can't say I disagree.

Finally, from the category of "Things that made me laugh entirely too much in the middle of class": Cormac McCarthy Previews the Big 12.

Enjoy your Tuesday.