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All Your JUCO PGs Are Belong To Us


Chris Jones, the #1-ranked JUCO PG from Northwest Florida State College, a Division 1 junior college in Niceville, Florida, has narrowed his list to five and set the dates for his official visits. Jones, a member of the 2011 recruiting class, was a 4* top-50 recruit nationally his senior year of high school set to attend Tennessee. I think I've mentioned the strange saga surrounding his commitment, decommitment, and recommitment to the Volunteers. He ended up at NW Fla due to qualification issues.

Jones is basically Pierre Jackson 2.0 in size (he's 5-10), playing style, and pedigree. He has the same electrifying score-first mentality that made PJ so special for Baylor this season. He was a JUCO All-American in 2011-2012. And he would be, in my opinion, a perfect fit for the personnel Baylor is likely to have in 2013-2014. The fact that Pierre graduates this season and L.J. Rose will be the only "true" PG on the roster is merely coincidence, I assure you.

A subsequent tweet from Bossi mentions that the first four visits will all occur in September with Kansas sometime in October. That means, logically, with five total weekends in the month that Baylor's will have to occur from either 9/1-9/3 or the week after that. I'd guess, considering there is a football game next weekend against SMU that will likely be well-attended and not one the next, the coaches will want him there. That's just me spitballing.

I mentioned this before and will again. It can't be a bad thing that Jones currently has his twitter avatar and background set to images of a photoshopped Baylor billboard and a crowd in the Golden Boob, respectively. Far from definitive about his future, sure, but certainly not a bad thing.

Watch this year's highlight video below the jump and tell me you don't see Baylor's own Pierre Jackson in Jones' game. Just try to tell me that.