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President Starr Addresses Freshman, Talks of RG3

For the short amount of time I've been at Baylor it is amazing the things Robert Griffin the third has done for this community. President Ken Starr addressed the freshman class at the Ferrell Center earlier today to officially welcome all of us to the Baylor family. While some of the deans who spoke focused on matters such as going to class every day, President Starr presented us a speech about a man he thinks exemplified Baylor in every way possible. That was none other than Robert Griffin. His speech to the freshman class was highlighted by a line in Griffin's Heisman speech, "Baylor we are, Baylor we will always be, but it's up to us to define what that means." President Starr went on to say how this could be the definition of the 2016 class. Baylor is currently in the post RG3 era, and the 2016 class will also be one of the first classes to see the new Baylor Stadium. Along with that, Baylor is starting their "pro futuris" campaign to move Baylor forward.

Throughout the whole speech I couldn't stop but think how special Robert Griffin to this school. It's one thing to see it form an outsider's view and understand that he is quite possibly the most famous Baylor Bear right now, but it's another thing to see his lasting effects on the campus as a whole. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if one day there was a memorial to Griffin or a statue on campus, or at the new stadium. When the President of a University as prestigious as Baylor speaks to welcome the freshman class and he speaks of one man, that's pretty special.

Griffin's speech rings true on so many levels. This is considered a transition year for the Bears football team, so yes Baylor they are, and yes, Baylor they will always be, but they must define what their season will be this year. While Griffin has left a lasting image on this team and this school, this year's football team still has the opportunity to define itself as a contender, and not just a one hit wonder.