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Thursday Morning Video: CampBU Off-Day Fun

On a slightly different note, I've been trying to come up with a more productive way to use these early morning threads. I think I've got something that may work. Every now and then I hear/find things worthy of note that don't really fit in the fanshot/post strata and aren't worthy of their own full posts. They're also not typically concrete enough to put in a proper DBR (Daily Bears Report). So I'll call them "tidbits" and put them below the jump.

Today's tidbits:

First off, here's a large version of the image I tweeted last night showing the new stadium site from Robinson Tower. They haven't officially scheduled the groundbreaking ceremony as far as I know, but they're definitely moving a lot of earth out there.

Second, a couple of tweets about basketball recruiting:

In case you don't know who this is talking about (and why would you?), "Tharon" is Tharon Mayes, the stepfather of Xavier Rathan-Mayes, otherwise known as XRM. XRM is a top-50 2013 basketball recruit from Toronto that plays the 2. He's good.

Johnathan Motley is a 6-9 PF from Houston who is ranked in the top 100 nationally, top 10 in Texas, and top 20 at his position (All ranks are according to 247Sports. Other services have him ranked lower than that). He may be the backup plan behind uberrecruit Julius Randle. He can definitely play, though.

Also, the NCAA is investigating last year's top basketball recruit, Shabazz Muhammad, who ended up at UCLA amid controversial circumstances. He's been suspended pending the investigation.

Finally, those with ESPN Insider access ($$) can read an update about Ricky Seals-Jones from HornsNation author Max Olson. Be ready for the UT bias going in.