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Daily Bears Report 08.15.2012


The freshmen are moving in! Football season is just around the corner!

This is the season for Baylor Football to prove itself, according to the Associated Press. Art Briles says that if Nick Florence is just Nick Florence, then "Nick being Nick is good enough." Patrick Southern of breaks down Baylor Football's schedule, tagging the November 24th matchup with Texas Tech as a must-see, at least in Texas. has a story reviewing the Baylor Men's Basketball complete schedule, which was released yesterday.

Baylor took out a full page ad congratulating the Redskins on drafting RG3 in the Redskins Yearbook-a smart move both for the university's image and for recruiting. The three links under the story, at least for me, all start with 'RGIII." It's still a little bit weird not seeing that on a Baylor website.

And finally, it's time for the 2nd Gif Tournament over on the SBNation main site! While there aren't any specific Baylor gifs, it's still worth looking at if just for a laugh.