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8.13.2012 Mini-Daily Bears Report

I'm not sure if Kate is posting anything this morning since I believe she is out helping Baylor's newest freshmen class move into their dorms. You get me instead to share a few tidbits this morning. Please don't be too upset about it.

First and foremost, we are now 20 days out from Baylor's 2012 opener against SMU. 20 days! That's less than three weeks!

In the same type of thoughtful and astute move that has come to characterize our athletic department over the last year, Baylor took out a full-page advertisement in the Redskins yearbook. I won't post the entire picture since it's pretty big, so you get a link instead.

Also, though I didn't give it the same attention that I did RG3's, former Baylor WR Kendall Wright made his NFL debut for the Tennessee Titans in preseason action on Saturday night. His Titans lost the game, but Wright caught all three passes thrown in his direction for 47 yards and earned effusive praise on twitter. Again, if you follow me, I retweeted quite a bit of what people were saying. As for Kendall himself, here's a video interview from after the game.

Any thought of Baylor having a QB controversy is probably gone after Saturday's scrimmage, writes David Ubben of Senior Nick Florence put on quite a show on offense for the Bears in action limited only by the length of his TD passes.

In their first action of the new season (albeit only a scrimmage), the Lady Bears earned a draw this weekend with perennial women's soccer powerhouse Notre Dame despite being outplayed for most of the match. The goal came off the foot of incoming freshman Bri Campos in the 88th minute.

Finally, in a little bit of recruiting news, 2014 WR target KD Cannon was on campus Friday for an unofficial visit. No word if he stayed through the scrimmage Saturday. The only prospect I know for sure attended the Meet the Bears event was Waco DT Andrew Billings, who will reportedly decide very soon from a list featuring Baylor, Texas, and Texas A&M. Texas is reportedly the frontrunner for his services with Baylor making a hard charge late. Getting him on campus again was a big deal despite the fact that he lives in Waco. Also, 2014 standout CB Cedric Collins will make his decision known very soon as you can see from the tweet/link below. He has always been extremely complimentary of Baylor, its coaching staff, and our facilities. Hopefully the news of the stadium could help sway him in our direction?