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Baylor loses a safety but gains a new coach

It seems former Baylor safety Anthony Moore's last and most severe injury marked the end of a career defined by what might have been, as his tweet of a few minutes ago confirms what was rumored already. Anthony is trading in his football cleats for coaching shoes and will now join the Baylor Football staff as a student assistant coach. How long he stays in that position and where he goes from there are unknown at this point.

If you click the link Anthony tweeted, it will take you to a post on BaylorFans from ftblbob5, one of the most respected members of that site. He talks a little about Anthony and the situation leading up to this decision, and I echo his sentiments about Moore's future. I'm sure his time learning from Briles, Bennett, and company will be the most rewarding of his life, and if he truly wants to make a career out of coaching (I don't know if he does or not), I can think of few better to teach him.