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Baylor Athletics Needs Your ESPY Votes!

Per the tweet above, voting ends Wednesday night at 9 ET/ 8 CT (the start of the show) for the 2012 ESPY Awards. Baylor is well-represented this season with 6 nominations. The nominees are...

Robert Griffin III: Best Breakthrough Athlete
Brittney Griner: Best Female Athlete
Kim Mulkey: Best Coach/Manager
Robert Griffin III: Best Male College Athlete
Brittney Griner: Best Female College Athlete
The 2012 Lady Bears: Best Team

Give the competition, I honestly expect us to only have a chance in Best Breakthrough, Best Female, Best Female College, and possibly Best Male College depending on how strongly the Kentucky bloc votes for Anthony Davis. Griner could have a big night is what I'm saying. Coach will probably be Calipari (or maybe Spoelstra if people lose their minds), and team will almost certainly be a Kentucky MBB vs. Alabama FB battle even though neither went undefeated and/or won more games than any other team in a single season in the history of the sport. No, I'm not mad.

For Baylor snubs, I look at Best Moment (Heisman Speech? Throw vs. OU? How are those not better than Jeter's 3000th hit?) and Best Record-Breaking Performance (new NCAA record in the Big 4, Baylor Baseball running roughshod through the Big 12 just to name two possibilities).

No matter what, go vote! Here's the link again.