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So I think Somari Wright might like Baylor a bit...

While perusing the twitterverse this afternoon looking for news about potential PSU transferees, I found this little gem from an account purporting to be that of Somari Wright, the 2014 standout LB recently covered by SBNation Recruiting. I can't say for certain that it is the right one, but he does have the right picture, lists himself as a member of "Yoe Nation" (Wright attends Cameron Yoe HS), and talks about his experiences from recent 7-on-7 competitions. Also, there are no other accounts that claim to be Somari Wright, so it's not like there is a controversy between two potential "real" accounts.

This seems like a good sign to me. I can't quite put my finger on why.

This post actually dovetails nicely into something else I wanted to alert you to, a post by Ubbykins about Baylor's recent recruiting approach and the dividends it seems to be paying. See, I'm multitasking! You got more than you bargained for!