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2014 Safety Nick Harvey Names His Top 5

And Baylor is in it.

SBNation's Wescott Eberts, also a contributor on BurntOrangeNation, did a short update about Harvey this morning with some useful information about where he might be looking. As you can see, LSU and A&M are both ahead of Baylor as of this moment for Harvey's services, and things may change dramatically between now and next spring, when Harvey says he'll likely make his decision. This is the type of player, though, whose eye Baylor wasn't even catching just a few short years ago. I'm not one for moral victories, rather I'm saying that with continued progress from our football program, we could start seeing more and more players like Harvey, recruits with the opportunity to basically name their school, taking a closer look at all that Baylor has to offer.

Just something to keep an eye on.