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Get your write-in votes ready for the SBNation Hall of Fame

The rollout for the inaugural class of the SBNation College Football Hall of Fame continues today with the opportunity to vote for your favorite players at every position already filled. Voting began this morning over on the mothership with defensive lineman, defensive backs, linebackers, and coaches. Now, at 12 PM CST, Baylor gets its first chance to add another inductee with Daniel Sepulveda, who is eligible for write-in votes in the special teams category.

Sepulveda, of course, was a staple of Baylor's football teams in the early-mid 2000s. The only two-time Ray Guy Award winner in history, he led the nation in punting twice, made two different All-American teams (2004 and 2006) and was a four-time All-Big 12 performer before being drafted in the fourth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2007. His career since then has been marred by unfortunate injuries, but that doesn't change the fact that during his time at Baylor, he was an impact player at a position that doesn't normally have them and probably the best reason to watch Baylor football. He deserves to be in SBNation's College Football Hall of Fame without a doubt for no reason other than the video posted above. I remember that play; it was incredible to see in person.

So go vote for Daniel Sepulveda as Baylor's second inductee to the SBNation College Football Hall of Fame!