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Baylor has 3 at the NBA Combine


The NBA's version of the Combine is this week, and 3 Baylor players are there flinging their green and gold afar and trying to convince NBA scouts why they should be drafted in this month's NBA Draft.

The news I've seen has been good so far for Perry Jones III, who has wowed observers with his athleticism and game. There was the small matter of Perry seemingly dissing Baylor's program and his former coach Scott Drew, but Perry claims on twitter that he was misquoted and bears no ill-thoughts for the program. I will say that I agree generally with the tenor of those statements, if he made them. I think he was misused in college and that while NBA teams looking to take him should watch his college games, they should realize that he will be a different player in the NBA. Perhaps not in attitude-- you can't change who someone is-- but in what we is asked to do. Here's the quote so you can decide for yourself:

"I feel way more confident than I ever was at Baylor," said Jones, who will head for Chicago predraft camp next week like most of the top-level prospects. "Working out three times a day, I feel great. I see the potential I have. I'm actually using the potential I have."

Anyway, he's apparently doing really well at the Combine as we knew he would and may be moving up draft boards as teams see his unique combination of size and athleticism. If you want to see more on twitter about the Combine, you should follow @NBAGuru. He's been tweeting constantly about the day's events.

Another Baylor player who may be moving up the charts, albeit in second round territory, is 4-year stalwart Quincy Acy. According to NBAGuru, Acy came as close as anyone in the entire Combine to touching the top of the vertical jump chart. Hopefully he can show enough to overcome the fact that he's a tweener in the pros without a strong offensive game. I love me some Quincy Acy, so I wish him the best.

The only remaining former Bear the Combine is not fairing as well as the other two. CBS's Jeff Goodman tweeted this morning (and I retweeted, in case you follow me) that Quincy Miller's stock may be falling into second round territory and that most NBA execs believe he should have returned to school. I will be extremely disappointed for him if that's true because it means he received horrible advice from people that may not have had his best interests in mind. I hoped that his decision to go after initially announcing that he would stay means he got a promise from an NBA team, but it looks like that promise may have been rescinded (if it ever existed) or he was sold a bill of goods. I don't know. I hope he goes in the first round, even if it is within the last few picks, because it means a guaranteed NBA contract.

I'll post any other updates from the Combine today in this thread to keep things in one place.