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Hold on to your butts ... (Realignment!)

For those unaware of recent events, the FSU BOR is meeting today to discuss a variety of topics in the normal scope of FSU business, and rumors have swirled that a potential move to the Big 12 for FSU athletics might be on the menu. Andy Haggard is scheduled to give a report to the BOR about something followed by a period of open discussion, but nobody knew for sure what that report might be about. People trying to quell such rumors have pointed to the fact that no report specifically referencing realignment was on the agenda for the meeting. They argue that we're all getting ahead of ourselves and there is no reason to believe that FSU has any intention of even discussing such a move.

Looks like there is reason to believe it now, as FSU's President confirmed that the Big 12 will be an official topic of discussion at the meeting. This could be a very interesting day.