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6.26.2012 Mini-DBR: Decision Day for Christian Morgan

For those that don't follow me on twitter, decision day has finally arrived for Prestonwood Christian Academy TE Christian Morgan, who will decide between Ole Miss, Arkansas, FSU, and our Baylor Bears. He's been tweeting off and on about the decision the last few days and is apparently having quite a difficult time notifying the coaching staffs of the schools he hasn't chosen. He's made two phone calls so far, leaving two left as possibilities (assuming he tweets every time he makes a call, which may not be true).

Morgan's recruitment has been a two-school show for a while now, but what it makes it interesting is that one of the schools has changed. Early in his recruitment, Arkansas and Baylor stood out for the 4* TE. Then PetrinoGate happened and Arkansas lost a lot of ground. FSU stepped into the void recently and has actually become, from everything I've read, the favorite, with Baylor occupying the second spot. Of course, you don't get a medal for second place in recruiting, and I will be disappointed if Morgan does what I suspect he will do tonight and chooses FSU (not disappointed in Morgan, disappointed that he would not be a Bear, I want to make that clear). Either way, whether he chooses us this afternoon/evening at 5 (and Wescott Eberts will be there at his ceremony on behalf of SBNation Recruiting) or not, I wish him all the best.

In other news, TheRecruitScoop is reporting that 2014 stud Khadeem Lattin is on campus at Baylor today visiting with Scott Drew and MBB. SI did a story about Khadeem that you can read here.'s "The Year of the Bear" series continued today with a look at Baylor's National Players of the Year in WBB and Football, Brittney Griner and Robert Griffin III, respectively. Definitely worth taking a look at. Yesterday's entry, if you missed it, showed the incredible numbers put up by our Big 4 programs vs. the rest of our conference mates.

According to a reporter from DC, Richard Hurd (RG3's alleged extorter) waived his right to a preliminary hearing that would have taken place yesterday afternoon and has been released on bond. The next step for him will be a grand jury indictment, which could take place this week if the grand jury in Waco has already been convened (for other cases). Depends on the docket of the federal court.

I'll do a larger post about this tomorrow, but the latest mock draft from CBSSports' Jeff Goodman has Perry Jones III going to the Mavericks at 17 and Quincy Miller to the Golden State Warriors with the last pick of the first round. Miller-to-GS has been a recurring theme for a while now, so I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that happen. Too much smoke for there not to be fire of some kind.

Finally, Baylor Baseball finished #9 in the final poll from the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association, the highest of any team that did not make it to Omaha.

Stay tuned later this afternoon for Morgan's announcement. Like I said, all signs seem to be pointing in the direction of FSU, but maybe we get a surprise?