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6.20.2012 Recruiting Notes

Just a few notes of goings-on in the recruiting world for Baylor Athletics:

Bud Elliott of SBNation Recruiting posted an update this morning about Christian Morgan, the 4* TE from Prestonwood Christian that we've talked about quite a bit on the board, narrowing his list to four schools with a commitment coming at some point in the near future. His four schools, listed alphabetically, are Arkansas, Baylor, Florida State, and Ole Miss. That article has a lot of good information about our top target at the TE position, and it dovetails nicely with the latest from Brian Ethridge at BearsTruth. Keep an eye on this one, Baylor has long been considered the favorite, though Morgan's most-recent visit to FSU may have changed things.

Kevin Lonnquist of SicEmSports (Baylor Rivals) says Xavier Phillips, an OLB from All Saints Episcopal in Ft. Worth, is 90-95% Baylor and may commit soon. I'll be honest and say that Phillips is a new one to me; I haven't heard his name in our recruiting circles before (that's not THAT unusual) and I know very little about him. What I do know is that he plays OLB, a position we seem to be hitting extremely hard in this class even though we play a system that only uses one. What I think that means is that some of our targets at OLB will likely spin down to DE as they mature and gain size in Baylor's S&C program. I always say that Bennett prioritizes speed above all else, and his defenses in the past have featured rush DEs that would probably be considered undersized in other systems. As for Phillips, his offer list is interesting because of the presence of (by my count) at least 5 schools from the Ivy League. I can't recall the last time I saw that.

I'm sad to report that the latest on the Ricky Seals-Jones rumor front puts LSU in the lead for his services. LSU's new basketball coach (his name escapes me at the moment) has apparently come hard after RSJ to play basketball for the Tigers and Les Miles, as insane as he is, has a pretty strong selling position for football, as well. Maybe not so strong on offense, but still. Our own Scott Drew used the change in phone calls to put in his pitch to RSJ that first night, so we'll see if that bears fruit. Right now, most rumors I read put LSU and Texas A&M in the lead, though some switch in Texas in A&M's place.

Also, Baylor Basketball recently offered 2014 PF Elbert Robinson, joining Texas A&M, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas, and Florida. BearsTruth has an update with him about the uptick in his recruitment recently.

That's all I know of so far, but I'll update this thread with any more information as it becomes available.