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The Harrison Twins Have a Top 5, Announcement Date

It's been a fairly interesting day for Baylor's 2013 basketball recruiting, as news broke this morning via Bill King's radio show that Andrew Harrison, speaking on behalf of himself and his twin brother Aaron, announced a top-4 in their recruitment of Maryland, Kentucky, Villanova, and SMU. The expected name missing from that list is ours; to date Baylor had been included as the only in-state player (though not the favorite) for the twins' services. With SMU a resurgent possibility after a recent visit by the twins to campus at the invitation of new head coach Larry Brown, most thought that Andrew was announcing that the Bears had been replaced entirely.

That is apparently not true according to Aaron Harrison. He confirmed this afternoon that Baylor has not been dropped from the list and that the top 4 reported this morning* is actually a top 5 (with the 5 I've listed in this post). To be honest, I don't expect Baylor to get the twins at all. UK is the most likely landing point from everything I've read and perhaps it should be given that both probably anticipate being one-and-done. Still, it's always good news to be involved with good players, and the twins are two of the best. No matter what happens, we'll know where they're headed on October 28, the twins' birthday, when they have scheduled their announcement.