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5.8.2012 Nighttime Notes

God that is awful. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE
God that is awful. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

So, I've been out of pocket this weekend and you've been devastated by it. Where, you ask, are you supposed to get your Baylor news? How are you to live without my posts that you apparently read with quite literally dozens of your friends but never comment on because you're shy and you don't want to hurt my feelings? HOW???

One day I'll tell you why I am in and out. Most who know me in real life, meaning off the blogosphere and/or the twitterverse, know already. I don't think I'm ready to share everything with the rest of the class. Let's just say that I have a son with a severe genetic neuromuscular disease and leave it at that, shall we?

ANYWAY, NOW THAT THE DEPRESSING PART IS OVER, I thought I'd share a few things I heard this weekend that Baylor fans might find interesting.

First, we have a bit of player movement on the football team:
Tevin Elliot is off the roster and it is for good. He will never play for Baylor again barring something remarkable happening.
Rob Singletary is transferring out according to his twitter account. He didn't say where.
Kedrick Dial is doing the same, also to an undisclosed location.

That's two DEs and a TE (I think?). Dial and Singletary aren't big losses because neither was in the mix for real playing time. That actually might be why they're leaving. Elliot's situation involves his legal problems (if you missed it, he's been charged with sexual assault) that everyone obviously hopes are resolved swiftly. That loss is actually meaningful for the team because Elliot was a rotation player (if not a starter) this season. The pressure is now even more firmly on our incoming freshmen, including 5* recruit Javonte Magee, to make an impact. The defensive line is even more officially a serious problem.

Second, there is an impressive possible transfer candidate on campus as we speak in Mississippi State SF Rodney Hood, a former 5* recruit who was a freshman this year for the Bulldogs.
Here is a good post from a few weeks ago outlining his situation and what kind of player he is. I wouldn't pay much attention to their speculation about where he might end up. According to, Hood has narrowed his potential choices to Baylor, Duke, NC State, FSU, and Ohio State. I believe that Baylor got the first visit yesterday and today (Monday and Tuesday) before he goes to tOSU this weekend. We should know relatively soon.

Though he cannot play this year because of transfer rules, Hood would be a tremendous addition to our roster going forward. He averaged 10.3 points and 4.8 rebounds per game (better numbers than Quincy Miller) in an offensive system at MSU that can only be described as putridity writ basketball. He has good length and size at 6-8, 204 pounds and would start next year (2013-2014) at the 3 for almost any team in the country. HUGE get if Baylor can swing him. I don't know what our chances are.

The last thing is RG3-lated:
Shanahan named Robert Griffin III the starter for the Washington Redskins yesterday in a move that shocked absolutely no one except for that one girl who is hopelessly devoted to Rex Grossman. Someone get her a tissue.
HogsHaven, SBNation's blog for the Redskins, is so excited about RG3 that they threw a photoshop party in his honor. Check it out.