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NBA Draft Update-- Baylor's "Full Court Press"

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Just as they did before the NFL Draft last month, has built a page dedicated solely to the NBA Draft next month for Bear fans looking for information about where our players might go. Chris Yandle, Baylor's Associate Director of Athletic Communications and one of the authors of the wildly successful RG3forHeisman campaign, runs the site on the official website for Baylor Athletics.

The first real post about the upcoming Draft went up this morning and summarized where the various mock drafts place Baylor's top first-round prospects, Quincy Miller and Perry Jones III, as well as Quincy Acy, who is looking to move into the second round with good workouts. The timing of the update today is meaningful because of the NBA Draft Lottery held last night; the New Orleans Hornets secured the first pick in this year's Draft with the rest of the order established behind them.

For whatever reason, Baylor's "Full Court Press" page doesn't include in its list the mock draft done by SBNation's own Tom Ziller. Ziller updated his mock after the lottery last night to reflect the results and has Perry going #8 overall to the Raptors and QMill not going in the lottery (that's all he lists at this point). The rest of the Draft order after the lottery is available here.

Chad Ford's mock is always my first look when talking about the NBA Draft despite the fact that Ford falls in love too easily with unknown internationals like Pavel Podkolzin. His latest has Perry joining Epke Udoh in Milwaukee after the Bucks take him with the #12. I don't think he's getting that far, particularly after the glowing reports we've started to see lately from his individual workouts. If he did, I would hope that Dallas (my favorite team) would look to trade up the five spots to keep the Duncanville product at home. Perry seems like the kind of guy, a laid-back homebody who needs his support system, who would thrive in a more familiar environment. Other mocks have Perry going anywhere from pick #7, probably the highest I could see him going at this point, down around #11, probably the lowest.