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Big 12 Tournament Round 3: Baylor vs. Kansas State

No. 1 Baylor (43-13, 21-5 Big 12) vs. No. 8 Kansas State (27-30, 8-18 Big 12)
3:15 PM | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Chickashaw Bricktown Ballpark

After yesterday's late-inning loss to Oklahoma, Baylor Baseball needs a win today to avoid elimination in the Big 12 Tournament and earn another matchup with the Sooners tomorrow afternoon in the semifinal round. The game today between Baylor and Kansas State is a rematch of the first game in this tournament where Baylor mercy-ruled the Wildcats in 7 innings.

I've seen the idea floated that Baylor should really not care about this game (or the rest of this tournament) with the NCAA Tournament beginning next Friday. The specter of throwing our best pitcher Sunday and then again on Friday seems to be scaring some who think we should punt here to prepare. I don't follow that. Baylor has never won the Big 12 Tournament. We still have, at worst, a decent shot to do so. The dropoff from our number 1, Josh Turley, to our number 2, Trent Blank, is small enough that I don't think we should be concerned about throwing Blank on Friday in the first round of a regional. Turley would still pitch in the second game of that regional even if we lost the first, so why does it matter?

I want a Big 12 Tournament Championship! Oh, and sic 'em, Bears!