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5.21.2012: Baylor Football Recruiting Notes

We'll start with the good-- twitter reports that Javonte Magee has officially qualified for entrance to Baylor University!!! I can't tell you how big this is for our 2012 recruiting class. As you saw in my recruit impact rankings, I think Magee is the best player in this class and a candidate to start almost from the time he gets on campus. Tevin Elliot's recent dismissal from the team (because of his legal situation) makes it even more likely that Javonte will see playing time and see it EARLY. Great news. Of the rest of the class, I've heard concerns about Brian Nance, our other Army All-American this year, and Kiante Griffin, a player I am excited to see in the secondary. Griffin is further away than Nance, I believe. Magee should be eligible to register and begin classes in the second summer session that begins in July. Other recruits from this class have said that was what they intend to do. The faster we get them into our S&C program, the better.

The not-so-good news is that 4* Waco DT Vincent Taylor, a big-time Baylor target for 2013 DL recruiting, decided tonight that he would put off his commitment to the Bears after a late offer came in from Oklahoma State. Reactions to this news have been predictably dire (Baylor fans have a wont for the dramatic in the face of relatively bad news), but I don't see this as being that bad of a situation. If, on the verge of his commitment, an offer alone could give him pause, he probably wasn't ready to commit, anyway. I might say differently if he commits to Okie State now over us, but I am still confident with our chances.

Finally, the staff of BearsTruth is reporting that Baylor may take another recruit for the 2012 class. I won't divulge the name until it is confirmed (and I don't want to steal their thunder for reporting it), but he was an all-state CB this past year in Texas. Grades kept this recruit from getting more attention than he did, not talent.

One more thing-- the staff at 247Sports took another look at Kyle Fulks' film and re-graded him to a 90, which makes him a 4*. He is also now the 40th-ranked player in the state.