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Baylor Baseball Projected as #1 National Seed

This projection has Baylor hosting a regional in Waco joined by the following (the last number is national RPI):
Waco Regional
Host: Baylor {1}
1. Baylor (B12 Automatic) 38-8 #3
4. Wright State (Horizon Automatic) 27-14 #110
2. Mississippi State (SEC at large) 27-17 #32
3. TCU (Mt West at large) 26-15 #41

Interesting regional that we should be heavily favored to win. Mississippi State is a dangerous team given how they've played recently (taking series from Ole Miss, #21 in RPI, and Tennessee, #89) and their potential to move up in RPI with upcoming games against Alabama (not good), Florida (#2 in RPI), and Kentucky (#9 in RPI).