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5.18.2012 Daily Bears Report: Let's do Lunch

I picked this one because he's not actually <em>wearing </em>the helmet.  Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE
I picked this one because he's not actually wearing the helmet. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

We'll jump right in today with all the news Baylor fans could possibly want to know:

In case you missed it-- and I can see how you might, it's not like I posted on the front page all about it or anything-- Baylor Baseball laid a whoopin' on the Longhorns last night in game 1 of their three-game set. The series shifts now to Austin for the final two games tonight and tomorrow. I doubt we see the same offensive fireworks with UT throwing their ace today.

No. 23 Baylor Softball takes on 16th-ranked Stanford tonight in their first game of the NCAA Tournament. Keep an eye on that one.

Former Baylor QB and current Washington Redskin Robert Griffin III was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. I can definitely see how you might have missed this because it's the Tonight Show and Jay Leno isn't funny. But it's worth watching nonetheless because RG3 is awesome and we love him. I believe there are two links to different parts of the interview.

The Houston Chronicle has two articles this morning that Baylor fans might find interesting. The first talks about Baylor's incredible year (The Year of the Bear, Chron, call it by its name) and the changing landscape of Baylor athletics. The second focuses on realignment and the fact that the Big 12 is suddenly a lot more attractive than it was a year ago.

Speaking of the Big 12, in case you missed that front page post from earlier today, the conference announced a postseason partnership this morning with the SEC that will pair the champions of the two conferences in a New Years Day bowl. Sorry, Fiesta Bowl, this doesn't look good for you at all. It does look good for the TV rights of both conferences since they now have another premium game on their slate.

Continuing with the Big 12 for a second, ESPN's Mark Schlabach posted his post-spring training top-25 this morning and 6 of our conference brethren are represented. I've already said my piece about Texas and Kansas State being overrated at this point, so I won't say it again. ESPN's David Ubben weighed in with his own post-spring conference power rankings. Baylor is seventh on his list behind OU, WVU, KSU, TCU, UT, and OSU. Ubben says that Baylor's offense should not be doubted; it is our defense that will determine how well we play. STOP THE PRESSES!

The AAS talked a little bit about three potential future Baylor Bears (albeit in the context of an update of Longhorn recruiting): Robbie Rhodes, Quincy Russell, and Mike Mitchell. Regular readers here are familiar with Rhodes and Mitchell because of the updates I've done about both. Russell is different in that he's a JUCO player that signed with the Longhorns originally before not making his grades. Baylor was in on him then (rumor was we finished second in that race) and may be in on him now that he has been cut loose by the Longhorns this go-round. I think we get Rhodes but I don't know enough about Mitchell to say the same. To be safe, I'll say that we do not.