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MLB Draft Update: Ludy

The guys over at PerfectGame are doing a live chat today about the draft, so I figured I'd ask them about Ludy and where he might go. I also want to say that PerfectGame is very quickly becoming my favorite college baseball resource. The guys over there do an amazing job. Here are their thoughts on Ludy:

David Rawnsley: Ludy has had a great year, Miles, hitting .341-8-52 for the Bears and doing a solid job behind the plate. I think scouts see him as a solid senior sign type draft, somewhere in the 12-18 range when teams start addressing minor league needs and balancing rosters.

Kendall Rogers: I've had a chance to see Ludy a few times this season. He's got a thick trunk and isn't the most physically gifted guy in the world, but he's a fantastic leader and has really done a terrific job hitting the baseball this season. He's also pretty adequate behind the plate. Big fan of Ludy ... nice guy, too.