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Quincy Miller to decide/announce tomorrow? Looks like it...

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Those of you who don't like opening up ODB and seeing embedded tweets are just going to have to chill out, because twitter is where news gets broken these days and I'm going to post that news in the most easily palatable format I can. The proliferation of the medium among athletes themselves makes it even more likely for that trend to continue. If you don't tweet, you should, if for no other reason than so you can follow OurDailyBears (@OurDailyBears).

Anyway, in case you are old enough to remember the Carter Administration and can only get to ODB because it's on your AOL homepage, things of tremendous import are a-happening right now with regard to the future of Baylor Basketball. No, I'm not talking about the sanctions. I'm talking about Quincy Miller, Baylor's sole remaining undecided player for next season after Perry Jones III announced earlier today that he is going pro. Apparently, if Mr. Miller himself (@QMillerTime) can be believed (and I have no reason to believe that he is unbelievable except on the basketball court), Quincy will meet with Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew tomorrow to discuss his decision whether to stay at Baylor or leave after his freshman year for the NBA. ESPN's Andy Katz reports that meeting has been corroborated by Coach Drew, and Quincy has spent the last few minutes retweeting anything and everything related to his decision. That's all well and good; we knew they would have a meeting. Then Quincy tweeted this:

The content of the tweet itself isn't all that surprising. He could be looking for attention or he could genuinely want reaction from the Baylor faithful. As far as I can tell, every single response has been hoping for one more year from Quincy at Baylor. My own thoughts on this are known; I think he should stay. Seeing this tweet didn't really change anything for me because Quincy has always been extremely active on twitter and has an outgoing personality. The following tweet was new information, and it was retweeted by Quincy himself.

Now THAT is interesting because it answers a few of my questions. First, it lends credence to the idea that tomorrow (April 10) is a deadline after all. Second, if true, it gives us a date of resolution that is just before the start of the April signing period for the 2012 class, where you would assume we would try to find a replacement should Quincy decide to leave. Third, and this is pure speculation on my part, the fact that Quincy would announce on the same day that he meets with Coach Drew means he either has his mind made up and will tell Coach Drew the decision or will let Coach Drew try to persuade him either way. I don't know which it is. The fact that Baylor and Drew get the home team's chance, though, is a positive in my mind.

My going out on a limb prediction based on almost nothing? I think he stays.