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Baylor DE Tevin Elliot charged with sexual assault

A few days ago I posted that Tevin Elliot had been suspended indefinitely from the team for undisclosed reasons and removed from the team roster. I speculated at the time that it might have been related to drugs. Turns out that it was something arguably much worse, as, according to the website for KWTX in Waco, the Baylor defensive end has been charged and arrested for a sexual assault that allegedly took place on April 15.

I would expect that Baylor Athletics will put out a press release in the next few hours/days about this situation that will say that the school is cooperating fully with the authorities and will reserve further comment until more facts become available. Baylor certainly doesn't want to get itself involved in the legal process or, especially given the nature and severity of the alleged crime, interfere in any way. It's probably safe to say, and I don't mean this to sound like I am shifting the focus here or trying to belittle the allegations at all, that unless he is cleared fully of the charges against him, we have likely seen the last of Tevin Elliot in a Baylor uniform. Let's hope, for the sake of all involved, that these charges are sorted out quickly and that justice is done.