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4.24.2012 Daily Bears Report: The Quick Hits

Smell that? Smells like victory.  And your computer screen or mobile device.  But mostly victory.
Smell that? Smells like victory. And your computer screen or mobile device. But mostly victory.

Before I get to the links, I want to recognize and thank Stephen Hart (@stephenhart87 on twitter) for taking and letting me use the picture in this post. It is from the Saturday night baseball game against Texas A&M in Waco, Texas. Great work, Stephen!

Just a few notes out there this morning fit for Bearly consumption:

First and foremost, in case you missed the fanshot from a few minutes ago, someone at Subway created a horrifying 3-foot-tall sculpture of Baylor QB Robert Griffin III out of a combination of cold cuts. I say horrifying in part because it was not made of bacon. I would eat a bacon RG3. I would not eat a chicken RG3 because I am not a pansy. In case you are here for the lulz, SBNation's Jon Bois has a slightly punny take on the sculpture. I don't know why, but every time I see Jon Bois' name, I want to say "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" like I'm in a rap video.

On a higher note, RG3 was on the Mike & Mike show this morning on ESPN Radio. The audio of that segment is available at this link, and it is worth a listen if you have the time and the inclination.

Moving along a bit, Arkansas formally announced the hiring of someone named John L. Smith yesterday afternoon. Smith was the head coach at Weber State before yesterday, and apparently accepted a 10-month contract paying him less at Arkansas than he was already going to get at WSU. Jason Kirk thinks it is the most Arkansas of Arkansas moves.

Because it's Draft time,'s Tuesday Morning Quarterback has a mock draft posted that mocks other mock drafts. Also because it's Draft time and sportswriters think that people care about these things,'s Andy Staples wrote an article that takes Peter King's mock draft from last week and superimposes recruiting rankings upon it. One form or another of this article appears every year. We typically learn the same thing every time it does; highly-recruited players that go to football powerhouses have a good chance of going to the NFL Draft barring legal, academic, or injury trouble, and first round draft picks are generally pretty good players! EARTH SHATTERING.

In other ESPN news, ESPN Dallas has the Baylor Bears as the hottest team in the country in college baseball (weird how that works when you win 24 games in a row) and atop their power rankings.

Meanwhile, friend of the blog David Ubby Ubbykins takes a look at the pros and cons of the Big XII returning to a conference championship game format in football and talks a little bit about what the Big XII coaches think about a playoff (Stoops in particular is not in favor), and former Indianapolis Colts GM Bill Polian forecasts how people will talk about Robert Griffin III and Stanford QB Andrew Luck five years from now.

Speaking of Bill Polian, here is a quote from Peter King's "Monday Morning QB" yesterday by Polian in reference to the anonymous "scouts" who reported last week that RG3 is, among other things, "selfish."

"I want to know their names, so I can put them in my book of people not to hire.''

Finally, it seems the Baylor Basketball staff was active yesterday in doling out another offer for the 2014 class to PF Malik Pope. I'll find out whatever I can about him and post it in the comments.