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Baylor Basketball Recruiting Update-- The Harrison Twins

In case you haven't followed recruiting closely for the 2013 class, two of the biggest names out there nationally are Andrew and Aaron Harrison, twin brothers from Houston that are the fourth and fifth-ranked recruits in the nation for next year, respectively. As you would expect from twins, the Harrison brothers are nearly identical in size. Both stand 6-5 and weigh around 205-210 pounds, with Andrew playing the 1 and Aaron the 2 for their high school and AAU teams.

I've heard everything imaginable about the recruiting of the twins. One rumor had them definitely headed to Maryland because of their affiliation with Adidas. Another had them definitely going to Villanova for reasons I can't remember. Most observers put them at Kentucky simply because they're really good and Kentucky recruits really good players. Baylor's inclusion in the tweet is relatively big news, though, as is the fact that their recruiting seems to have officially been whittled down to those four schools.

It's probably safe to assume at this point that the twins are going to go to school together, so whoever gets them is probably looking at a top-2 or 3 class at the minimum. I hope that school is Baylor simply because we've had a little difficulty recruiting top-flight guards recently from the high school ranks (LJ Rose excluded), and we will lose our entire starting backcourt next year with the graduations of Pierre Jackson and Brady Heslip, and veteran backup A.J. Walton. The twins certainly qualify as top-flight guards, and would probably be the best backcourt players Baylor has ever seen. We'll see how their recruitment turns out in the next few months, though. I don't think Baylor's self-imposed recruiting sanctions will play a role here; these are guys who, along with Julius Randle and Keith Frazier, we were always going to use whatever resources we had to try to land.