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Baylor Leads Big 12 Agglomerated Standings


Here, have some numbers.

Big 12 Agglomerated Standings (as of 3:30, 4/17/2012)

1. Baylor (.750)
2. Texas (.735)
3. OU (.659)
3. Texas A&M (.659)
5. Missouri (.650)
6. OSU (.582)
7. Kansas (.570)
8. Iowa State (.563)
9. Texas Tech (.550)
10. Kansas State (.547)

Large explanatory PDF after the jump.

Big 12 Agglomerated Standings

Now, some explanation. I saw the graph floating around on facebook that compared FB, MBB, WBB and baseball a few weeks back, and while it was both impressive and interesting, I thought it was lacking something. By using the same numbers and turning them into percentages, I could include Iowa State (no baseball team).

Another thing that graph lacked was, to be honest, fairness. Yes, we are killing it in those 4 sports, but it looked like those four were chosen simply to show that we were killing it. I wondered what would happen if I added 2 more women's sports and continued to crunch the numbers down. I went though and picked the second and third most popular women's sports (volleyball and softball) and added them to the mix.

As a bit of a lark, I went though and did the same thing for TCU and WVU to see where they would fit. Though these numbers seem encouraging for the next few years, there is the slight problem of conference play. I personally am taking all of their numbers (in relation to ours) with a grain of salt, seeing as they both will be playing a very different conference schedule next year. How this affects everything, of course, is yet to be seen.