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4.16.2012 Daily Bears Report: The Year of the Bear Continues!


Depending on your viewpoint, the biggest news from this past weekend was either the continuation of Baylor Baseball's incredible winning streak, or the capture by Baylor Equestrian of the first national championship of any kind in the program's history. If you don't like either of those two so-called "minor" sports, you may actually prefer news from Baylor Football's 2012 Spring Scrimmage, where offense predictably ruled the day. No matter what you like most, it was another outstanding weekend for Baylor's athletic teams, and one worth memorializing here.

I'll start with the ladies on horseback, and notes the success of our "Hunter Seat" team in defeating Texas A&M to finish 3rd overall in equestrian competition. posted an article about the baseball team's improbable sweep of Kansas State this weekend-- Baylor's fifth sweep in a row-- and their incredible run.

Baseball America rewarded Baylor Baseball's continuing success by moving them all the way up to #6 in the country from #8. Texas A&M at #2 is the only Big XII team higher and is coincidentally Baylor's next conference opponent this coming weekend.

In case you missed it a few minutes ago, SBNation reacts to the news that Barry Sanders will join Robert Griffin III on the cover of EA's NCAA College Football '13.

David Ubben from ESPN's Big 12 Blog posted this morning about Baylor's Spring Scrimmage and shared his confidence in Baylor's offense going into next season under Nick Florence. He also provided a good quote from Lache Seastrunk about his transition into Baylor's system after coming over from Oregon.

ESPNW's writers try to answer the question of whether Brittney Griner returning to Baylor for her senior season was a good idea or not and how it might affect Baylor's chances next year. Just as a preview: they like the call.

In RG3 news, the Washington Times wonders if Baylor's superman can resurrect the moribund Washington Redskins the same way that he did Baylor's football program. As an RG3 fan, I hope he does. As a Cowboys fan, I hope he doesn't. But anything that upsets Jerry Jones is fine with me, so my RG3 fandom wins out.

That's pretty much it for this morning.