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Baylor Spring Scrimmage Wrap-Up

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Baylor Football capped off another year of spring practice with its annual Spring Scrimmage today on the grounds of the Highers Athletic Complex in front of a crowd of about 2,750. In case you missed it, I did an open thread earlier today as the event progressed with all of the information I could find. Now that the game has ended, just about every Baylor site out there has its view of things, so we should start by taking a look at what others are saying. has their official post-game article available with statistics from the game and quotes from the major players. As I said in the open thread, it seems that sophomore RB Lache Seastrunk was the biggest star of the day, racking up 138 yards on 7 carries including a 75-yard touchdown run late in the contest. Several people who were there have reported in various places online that Seastrunk finally showed the ability coaches have been looking for in attacking the holes and letting his natural speed and athleticism take over. He could be a huge weapon for Baylor next season if he keeps that kind of performance up. I'm excited about him.

A few other thoughts from the stats:

  • Nick Florence was 14-18 for 180 yards and 3 TDs. Those are solid numbers across the board in terms of YPA and completion percentage. Bryce Petty fared a little less well in those areas, going 18-27 for 146 and 1 TD. The shorter YPA for Petty could be a reflection of the talent he had around him; he was running with the 2s most of the day against the first and second-team defenses.
  • 3 forced fumbles for the defense means 3 fumbles by the offense (incredible how that works when you play yourself, right?). I don't know what to think about that, but I don't think it's good.
  • Would like to see a few more sacks against a relatively unproven line from our defense. They only had 2 on the day with one coming from Ahmad Dixon.
  • Punter Spencer Roth apparently had a really good day, averaging 45.6 on his seven punts (they punt a lot in these things on purpose, don't worry) with a long of 65!
  • I have no idea who John Parrham is, but he apparently got 12 carries today for 50 yards. Looking at the roster, he appears to be a walk-on freshman RB. Good to know?
A few other links about the game: