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4.13.2012 Daily Bears Report: Spring Game Weekend Edition

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It's been a while since I last posted a DBR, hasn't it? I don't think I've done it since the NCAA Tournaments began and there was too much going on to compile it into just one post. Now that things have slowed down a bit, I hope to get back into the groove of providing daily links and information. Hopefully we can get a little discussion going about the day's events in the comments section, eh? Yeah, you're right, that's probably too much to ask.

Anyway, first and foremost this morning I want to make the ODB community and readers an offer. Baylor Football is holding its Spring Game tomorrow afternoon at 1 PM following the last spring practice in the morning. The scrimmage will be held at the Highers Athletic Complex on-campus and is open to the public for free. My plan was to make the trip myself and to take notes for a post about it with my thoughts, but family issues have arisen that will keep me from doing so. Here is my offer: if someone who is already going to the game will take a few notes (things like the depth charts and who is playing where, any notable position switches, good plays, just general stuff to give people a feel for how the game went) for a post they either want to write or that I can write for them, I will pitch in to help pay for your gas. I know that doesn't sound like much, and I wish I had someone on staff here to make it to the game, but I don't so I'm going to do the best I can. Email me at if you're interested in heading down there.

Now for the news and notes:

Colt Barber of posted a preview yesterday for Baylor's Spring Game tomorrow that is worth a look. I'm not sure if that article is free or not. Several of the sites have lists posted of the recruits expected to be there that I'll post later today.

Willie Funk from the DFW SBNation regional site wonders if Art Briles may be the perfect candidate for Arkansas's now-open HC job. Aside from the obvious dismissal of Baylor as somewhere Briles may prefer to stay, I take issue with the statements that "[Baylor's] facilities aren't exactly top notch and the campus life in beautiful Waco, Texas isn't exactly a draw." Baylor has invested tens of millions of dollars in the last four years alone to building a new on-campus athletic center and indoor practice facility, both of which are among the finest in the country, and has recently announced the planned construction of an on-campus riverside stadium that will probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 million. The summary dismissal of these efforts is either the result of tremendous bias or a lack of due diligence in research, as they make that statement patently false. Moving on...

Robert Griffin III and Kendall Wright are among the record 26 players invited to this year's NFL Draft. Combined with Phil Taylor and Danny Watkins last year, Baylor's 4 players invited in the last two years are the most of any team in the country not named Alabama.

No. 8 Baylor Baseball takes its 16-game winning streak on the road to Kansas State this weekend for a series in Manhattan. Turley and Blank, both of whom are undefeated so far this season, start Friday and Saturday's games for the Bears while the Sunday starter is undecided as of yet.'s Don Banks has a great story up this morning about Baylor's other Robert Griffin, Robert T. Griffin, the starting RG for the Bears each of the last two seasons, and his hopes to play in the NFL next season. pits Stanford QB Andrew Luck against Baylor's RG3 in about as unscientific an exercise as I can possibly imagine to determine who should be the #1-overall pick. Somehow, "coming from NFL bloodlines" is a positive for Luck as if that changes who he is. Weird.

Finally, the first round of SBNation's 2012 Mock Draft has ended with Washington taking RG3 at #2 and Cleveland strangely taking Kendall Wright at #22 after also taking Justin Blackmon at #4. Did Cleveland hire Matt Millen without me knowing it?