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Todd McShay's Idiocy Strikes Again

This is from the same guy who probably destroyed Jevan Snead's career by convincing him to come out for the Draft way before he was ready, and recently said that he didn't think "the difference between Robert Griffin III and Tannehill is all that big" in trying to convince the Browns to take the Aggie QB at #4. Needless to say, he is probably the only observer in the world who believes the former to be the case.

Todd McShay is the worst kind of supposed "expert" because he says things for no other reason than to be contrarian. If he is wrong, nothing will likely happen to him. ESPN didn't hire him and give him his spot because of his opinions. They needed someone who looks good to offset the fact that Mel Kiper, Jr.'s hair, if he were to be submerged in water, would cause a bigger oil spill than the Deepwater Horizon. If he is right (and he won't be, but it's a hypothetical), then he looks like some kind of sage. There is no downside to making ridiculous predictions like this because 1) the players are two years apart, so it will be very difficult to judge them against each other directly for a while, 2) nobody will care, the bigger story will be the success or failure of the individual players involved, and 3) I highly doubt anyone listens to you, anyway, Todd McShay, at least not in NFL front offices.