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Overreaction Central! Baylor Bears vs Kansas State Wildcats Recap

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Perry Jones III. Wow. If we get that version of Perry for the rest of the year....well. I just don't want to type that out and risk anything. He was incredible today against the Kansas State Wildcats.

Career high 31 points

11-14 shooting, 2-2 from three point range, 7-9 from the free throw line

11 rebounds

2 blocks

Just sick Perry. He looked different today. During the post game interview, he stated that he wanted to be more aggressive, and even said the word selfish before correcting himself. If this is selfish Perry, I want him being greedy all day, every day.

Perry attacked the glass on both sides of the court. He got 5 offensive rebounds, and had some really good finishes. On one play during the Bears last push to extend the lead, Perry caught a long outlet pass in full stride, slammed on the breaks and started to cut and dribble across the paint. He then used his body to protect the ball, and threw in a reverse behind his head/back layup while getting fouled. THAT is why Perry Jones III will make a lot of money in the NBA one day.

The Bears might have played their best game of the Big 12 season today. They had 5 players in double figures, and were a well rounded offense. They attacked the paint off the dribble and with post up plays. They rotated the ball and found open 3-point shots. They hit the glass hard and got extra possessions and points. Even with Pierre Jackson going 6-16 and still struggling with his shot, the Bears hit 33-58 field goals good fro 56.9%.

Joining PJ3 in double figures were Brady Heslip with a very good 15 points. He really penetrated the paint very well and got several layups and floaters. He did miss a few open 3-point shots, and hit only 2-7 overall from deep, but he really played well.

Quincy Acy had a quiet game for the most part, but still finished with 10 points and 7 rebounds. He had two amazing steals and actually led the fast break, finishing one with a great assist to Brady Heslip for a layup and on the other went hard at the rim and got the bucket and a free throw shot.

Acy also played really good post defense. In the first half we were doubling down low and that was leaving their shooters open. However, at half we stopped dropping down on their post players and let Acy play one on one. He played fundamental defense and won his share of the battles.

The surprise contributor of the game was A.J. Walton. After a rough start and some characteristic sloppy turnovers, he really turned it on. He was the primary defender on Rodney McGruder for most of the game and held him to 5-13 shooting for an inefficient 14 points. Where A.J. surprised though was his offensive game. He hit 5-6 shots and finished with 11 points. He took mostly mid-range and deep jump shots and hit them all well. He also had 2 very nice drop step jumpers that looked as good as ever. Walton also hit the boards hard, and finished with 4 rebounds and has really improved that part of his game.

Baylor led for almost the entire game, and for the whole game after the 7:37 mark of the first half, when Kansas State tied the game at 24. The Bears avoided the long droughts that have hurt them in most of their losses, and maintained a pretty consistent effort level throughout the game. Baylor also stayed with man most of the game to limit Kansas State's 3-pointers and for the most part, played very well on defense.

This was a dominating win, and a game that was never really in doubt after the Wildcats cut the lead to 6 with 14:33 left in the game. Up next for the Bears is the winner of the Kansas and Texas A&M game that is about to start. I know which one I would rather play...