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Check out SBNation's WBB Blog-- Swish Appeal


So, this is a bit embarrassing considering I'm fairly sure it's been here a while, but I just found out this evening that there is a blog on SBNation devoted entirely to WBB. Swish Appeal, run by blog managers Jessica Lantz, Seth Pollack, and Nate Parham, writes primarily about the WNBA, but much of their recent content has covered the ongoing Women's NCAA Tournament. I wish I'd known about them earlier in the Tournament so I could bring their stuff over here. I'm sure with Baylor having the season it has had and Brittney Griner looking destined for WNBA stardom, they've talked about Baylor quite a bit. I guess we're lucky that they decided to link to me today so that I could finally find out that they existed.

Now that I know they're out there, I will definitely link whatever I find of interest to Baylor fans. I'll say this so far: I am extremely impressed with the type of statistical analysis they have, particularly in the last link below. I wish I knew where they get their statistics. I didn't know this kind of stuff was available for women's college basketball. You should definitely check them out if you're interested.

2012 NCAA Women's Final Four Preview: What Amber Orrange's Improvement Means For Stanford Against Baylor - Swish Appeal
Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer hasn't been under any illusions about the need for someone to step up in order for the Cardinal to win games this season. And as described on Wednesday, both Amber Orrange and Joslyn Tinkle have picked up their games since that point and both will need to play well in order for Stanford to beat the Baylor Lady Bears in the Final Four.

2012 NCAA Women's Final Four: The Value Of Brooklyn Pope & Destiny Williams To Baylor - Swish Appeal
Although Brittney Griner is unquestionably the Baylor Lady Bears' MVP, Brooklyn Pope's work on the offensive boards is a key part of their success.

2012 NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four: Statistical Notes For Baylor, Connecticut, Notre Dame & Stanford - Swish Appeal
Baylor Lady Bears center Brittney Griner is obviously a prolific shot blocker, but her impact on the game can be quantified in other ways as well.

Great stuff.