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Regarding Robert Griffin III and Private Workouts

I've seen a bit of banter back and forth in the twitterverse the last couple of days about the possibility (or lack thereof) of Baylor QB Robert Griffin III conducting a private workout with the Indianapolis Colts, owners of the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft next month. In my lust for news of all things Baylor, I actually fell victim to a fake twitter account purporting to be ESPN's Jon Clayton that tweeted yesterday afternoon that RG3 had set up such a workout with the Colts. If true, that would be big news since most NFL observers have RG3 penciled in at #2 to the Redskins behind Andrew Luck, the presumptive #1 pick for about the last 14 months.

As it turns out, however, not only will RG3 not be doing a private workout with the Colts prior to the Draft, he won't be doing any private workouts at all. RG3 apparently prefers to stand on his performance at the NFL Combine earlier this month and Baylor's Pro Day last week. If I had to guess, this will likely lock him in to the #2 pick and the Washington Redskins, something I'm still coming to grips. I am extremely pleased to see that Redskins fans have taken to Robert so quickly as their own, if maybe a little jealous.

Here's the tweet from Baylor's Heath Nielsen, one of the authors of the incredible RG3 for Heisman campaign this past season and a major driver behind a lot of the really great things Baylor Athletics has done recently in terms of communication and public relations. If you are on twitter and you don't follow him, you should.