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Baylor Football's 2012 Pro Day Open Thread

In case you've been hiding under a rock the last few weeks, one of the most important single days in Baylor Football history has arrived and the NFL world has descended on Waco, Texas for the most-anticipated Pro Day in Baylor history. Robert Griffin III, Terrance Ganaway, Kendall Wright, Philip Blake, and the other potential draftees from Baylor Football's 2012 draft class will put their wares on the line today in front of dozens of NFL scouts, coaches, and front office personnel.

Because of the people in attendance, this will be the first Pro Day in Baylor history to be televised start-to-finish online on ESPN3, so if you have that available, you can see everything there is to see of today's events. ESPN will also be doing periodic "live look-ins" to the festivities and has sent ESPN NFL regulars Ron Jaworski, Todd McShay, Bob Holtzman, and others to actually be on the ground today in Waco. Today will be a day for Baylor Football unlike any we've ever seen, and if you have the ability to watch any of it, I strongly suggest that you do.

As for the front offices there, tweets are flooding in from every source imaginable about the Washington Redskins contingent that apparently includes HC Mike Shanahan, owner Snyder, the OC Shanahan, the GM, and a bevy of other coaches. They might be a little interested in seeing how Griffin throws for themselves.

I can't find a schedule of events for the day, but if one become available I will share it. Both Baylor Scout and Baylor 247Sports (BearsIllustrated and BearsTruth, respectively) are in attendance. If they share something I can share, I will do it. As soon as weights and times become available, I will post them in this thread. If you have any questions about the Pro Day, ask them here and I will do whatever I can to answer them as we go through the day.

Get excited, Baylor fans! The future is now.

UPDATE #1: Here is an article from's David Ubben about what to expect today from RG3.

UPDATE #2: Below the jump, I've posted a few things I'm interested to see from the Pro Day today. Check it out.

UPDATE #3: Here is a link to ESPN3's coverage of today's events. Measurements began an hour ago, but the actual coverage by ESPN just started at 11 AM.

UPDATE #4: RG3's stats for the day...

What I want to see today:

  • Kendall Wright's 40 time: This is going to be the biggest question for him after a disappointing combine number. If he can get back into the 4.4s, he'll probably jump back into the teens of the first round and will re-solidify himself as a no-doubt first rounder, which he should be already.
  • RG3's weight: I'm curious if he's bulked up at all after the Combine.
  • Whether RG3 runs: After blazing through the Combine, I'm not sure he'll chance a lower time, but he might also think our track is faster than the one in Indy and give it a shot. Neither would surprise me.
  • RG3's throwing reports: He didn't throw at the Combine and will today with former Baylor receivers Ernest Smith, Krys Buerck, and one other whose name I can't remember. Kendall Wright will also catch passes, I'm sure.
  • Philip Blake's size: always of vital importance to an OL. Also very interested to see his bench numbers.
  • Ganaway's speed: he actually did relatively well at the Combine, but he'll probably want to improve. I could see him running and besting his Combine time.