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Baylor Offering Student Trips to the Sweet 16 for $100

Taking a page from Colorado's playbook, Baylor Student Activities announced this afternoon that it is offering trips to the Sweet 16 to students on-campus for $100, including ticket, hotel, and travel to the game. That's $50 more than Colorado sold their tickets for last week, but the game is also four states away from us in Georgia rather than in neighboring New Mexico. According to the official twitter account for Student Activities, the tickets went on sale today at noon and today's allotment already sold out, but there will be more tickets available tomorrow beginning at 8 AM. If you are a student and you don't at least try to go do this, you are stupid and I will mock you for it.* This is what college is all about, people!

Here is the first tweet from this morning followed by the update a few minutes ago:

The official account for Baylor Basketball says they sold 150 today, so 200 students will be going to the game with tickets courtesy of Baylor Student Activities. Great job, SA!

*Unless you would go just to say you did it and wouldn't even go to the game. Then if you took the tickets from others who would actually support our teams, I would hate you.