They've never had that feeling before...

“The joy I get from winning, it’s not a joy that ever gets old for me, but…I don’t say this arrogantly...I’ve done it. My joy now is to watch Baylor fans and Baylor people get excited and feel like we’re running with the big dogs. And they’ve never had that feeling before. And I take great pride in that.”

These words were thoughtfully spoken by Baylor Women's Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey when she met with the press ahead of the Lady Bears second-round matchup vs. Florida in the NCAA championship tournament.

This, perhaps, best sums up what the rise of Baylor athletics has meant to those who for years have cheered on the Bears when there wasn't much to cheer about, donned the green and gold when it was far from stylish, or provided financial support to the sports programs when they weren't achieving at a noteworthy level.

It is why having the Heisman Trophy come to Waco and getting football victories over OU and UT in the same season mean so much.

It is why we take such pleasure in seeing our women's basketball team beating the likes of UConn, Tennessee, and Notre Dame on its march toward winning a second national championship.

It is why we celebrate our men's basketball team beating the Kansas Jayhawks in the conference tournament and then advancing in the men's NCAA tournament.

It's because we're running with the big dogs. And we've never had that feeling before.

Sic 'em...really Sic' em, Bears!!

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