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2012 NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday Prediction Thread

Where will the committee send Perry Jones III and co. for the 2012 NCAA Tournament? Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-US PRESSWIRE
Where will the committee send Perry Jones III and co. for the 2012 NCAA Tournament? Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-US PRESSWIRE

When I was putting together the DBR this morning I started clipping and keeping all of the various bracketology posts/articles I could find in preparation for this evening's NCAA Selection Show on ESPN, where we'll find out which seed our Baylor Bears will be in March Madness this year, who they will play in their first-round matchup, and where Baylor fans will be going to see that game. I thought about including the links I've found in the DBR, but I didn't want them to get lost in the shuffle, so I decided to do another post.

Before we get to that, ESPN is running two hours of bracketology coverage before the selection show starting at 2:00 PM CST (right when this post is scheduled to go up). The actual Selection Show starts at 5:00 PM CST on CBS.

Here is everything at least semi-reputable that I can find about where we're headed after the Bears' Big XII Tournament run that concluded last night. If you notice, the common theme is that we'll be playing in Albuquerque in the first round and we'll be doing it as a 3 seed. Commonality among the predictions ends there, however, considering two different regions have games in Albuquerque in the first week and the 14 seed we will draw is hardly set in stone.

'll give you my totally uninformed prediction for where the Bears will go. Give me yours in the comments (and feel free to make any predictions you want for other teams, as well).

  • Joe Lunardi of has us as a 3 in the South Region playing Montana in Albuquerque. Win and we get the winner of Notre Dame/Xavier.
  • Jerry Palm of CBSSports has the same thing as Lunardi, except we get the winner of Temple/South Florida if we win.
  • SBNation's own Chris Dobbertean lists Baylor as a #3 in the East (he lists that game in Albuquerque, but I really don't think that's right) against Akron. Baylor would play the winner of Cincinnati and Southern Mississippi with a win.
  • Bracketville, who is ranked as The Bracket Project as one of the best in the business the last few years, has us in the Midwest Region as a 3 playing Montana (is there a pattern here?). That game would also be in Albuquerque (I told you there were two regions there) and set us up, with a win, for a game against the winner of UNLV/VCU.
  • CollegeHoopsNet says we're a 3, obviously, and though they don't list matchups directly, they have New Mexico State, South Dakota State, Montana, and Ohio as the 14s we might see.

There are millions more that I could link from The Bracket Project, but I won't. As I said, the consensus is that we're a #3 seed in Albuquerque (though people seem to disagree about which regions actually play there this year). What do you think?

PREDICTION: Baylor is a 3 seed in the South Region and will play South Dakota State.